Žarko Obradović (Serbian Cyrillic: Жарко Обрадовић; born 1960 in Ivangrad, SR Montenegro, Yugoslavia) is Serbian politician and current Minister of education in the Government of Serbia.

Obradović graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Belgrade, where he later also received his MA and PhD. He published two books and ten papers.

From 1998 until 2000 he was Deputy Minister for Local Self-Government and in the interim government, from October 2000 until January 2001, he was Deputy Minister of Higher Education.

He holds a position of Lecturer at the Megatrend University and dean at the University’s Faculty of Public Administration.

He has been MP since 2001. He was president and deputy president of the Socialist Party of Serbia caucus in the Serbian parliament and has been Deputy President of the Socialist Party of Serbia from December 2006.

On July 7, 2008, he was elected Minister of Education.

Obradović speaks English and has a working knowledge of French. He is married, and a father of two daughters.

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