Template:Companies law A European Private Company (Template:Lang-la, SPE) is a legal form for a limited liability company that is currently being proposed by the European Commission to be introduced across the European Union. It forms a company of limited liability, similar to the English limited company, the Austrian or the German GmbH, the Dutch BV, or the French SARL. The aim of the proposal is to remove the current need for limited companies to reincorporate themselves in the corresponding legal form in all the EU member countries in which they want to trade, which currently represents a substantial administrative burden for small and medium enterprises.[1] It was proposed that the SPE company form be introduced across the EU and EEA area from July 2010. The SPE is finally set to arrive this year (2011) and is being slowed down by the current ruling parties of Germany (CDU) to allow their own national alternative (the mini-GmbH) to grow first. The SPE could facilitate starting new businesses and European Integration and would thus help small businesses and entrepreneurs due to manageable capital requirements not too dissimilar to the british limited (Ltd).

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