The Forum of Federations is an international organization based in Ottawa, Canada. The Forum and its partners form a global network on federalism. It brings together elected officials, civil servants and experts involved in federalism from about 20 countries to learn from each other.

Organization Edit

The Forum of Federations is a network of federal countries, elected officials, civil servants and scholars. The Forum runs learning events on federalism, gives technical advice on governance and produces publications for practitioners of federalism and academics. It is an international organization with programs and activities on six continents. Its activities involve working with government officials as well as academic experts, young professionals, journalists and others.

Partner Countries Edit

Supported by nine federal countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Mexico, Nigeria and Switzerland), plus development assistance contracts from various governments.

History Edit

The Forum was founded in 1999 following the First International Conference on Federalism in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. The event drew world leaders such as then U.S. President Bill Clinton; former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien; and Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo. Since then the Forum has been active on six continents, and has gained nine country partners.

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