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The Human Influence Index (HII) is a measure showing direct human influence on ecosystems using using 8 measures of human presence [1]

  • Population Density/km2
  • Score of Railroads
  • Score of Major Roads
  • Score of Navigable Rivers
  • Score of Coastlines
  • Score of Nighttime Stable Lights Values
  • Urban Polygons
  • Land Cover Categories (urban areas, irrigated agriculture, rain-fed agriculture, other cover types including forests, tundra, and deserts)

HII values range from 0 to 64. Zero value represents no human influence and 64 represents maximum human influence possible using all 8 measures of human presence


  1. Sanderson, E.W., M. Jaiteh, M.A. Levy, K.H. Redford, A.V. Wannebo, and G. Woolmer. 2003. The Human Footprint and The Last of the Wild. BioScience 52, no.10 (October 2002): 891-904

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