Advanced Forum Tutorial

  • First, create a MediaWiki page it can be called anything like MediaWiki:MyForum.
  • Next create an account on and create your forum.
  • Next put the website address of your forum into an iframe and place it on your MediaWiki:MyForum page with pre tags.

It should look something like this: <pre> <iframe src="MYFORUMURLFROMFORUMMOTION" style="width:#px;height:#px"></iframe> </pre>

  • Then test it out by putting the verbatim tags on your MediaWiki:MyForum page which looks like this:


  • Some suggestions, you can adjust the width and height of your forum from the iframe.
  • To remove the rail so you can create more space, place this on your Forum Page:

<div class="noRail"> </div>

And place this on your Wikia.js page: ($('.noRail').length > 0) { $('html body:first').addClass('oasis-one-column'); $('#WikiaPageHeader').append($('#WikiaSearch')); $('#WikiaRail, .WikiaWideTablesWrapper img, .WikiaWideTablesWrapper canvas').remove(); }

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