Transition companies are professional mergers and acquisitions companies that assist middle market business owners in the transition from one person’s ownership to another. Services offered are often referred to as Transition Management services.

The Transition CompaniesEdit

The Transition Companies - "TTC" - is the name of a Company in Addison, Texas which is a International M&A Firm serving the lower middle market privately held business owner.[1] This is the leading Mergers and acquisitions - "M&A" - and consulting firm specializing in maximizing the value realized by the owners of privately-held companies when transitioning their business.

Gene Sartin originally formed The Transition Companies in 1988 as SUCCEL, Inc which merged with Interprise M&A in 2008 to become The Transition Companies. The Transition Companies provide lower middle market business owners with a custom strategy for the sale of the company, recapitalization, management buyouts or some other fully customized Exit strategy.

Business optimization techniques are a unique part of The Transition Company's consulting model. This process facilitates their middle market client in controlling the value his or her entity will bring in the open market in a highly confidential manner.



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